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FlyGuyz will be introducing a high quality, mainstream, style gaming to the blockchain. The users who hold $Flyy Token are an active part of the FlyGuyz ecosystem and earn rewards in the form of $Flyy Tokens!.

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As we believe that $FLYY is so heavily empowered by our community, we want to decentralize leadership into different committees and task groups that can focus on social media presence, charitable efforts, blockchain development, crypto education and more. In order to be as fair as possible, DAO voting power will be given to two types of holders that have a minimum stake in the $FLYY ecosystem. Holding at least 1000 $FLYY and/or 1+ FLYGUYZ NFT will empower someone with a vote in the DAO. This minimum stake guarantees a seat at the table, but each person only has one vote in any matter. This effectively stops whales from being able to buy the vote, and decentralizes ownership to a fair point. The purpose of the DAO will be to govern the protocol, manage treasury funds and decentralize leadership by placing $FLYY directly into those that are the most invested. In all, $FLYY is a community driven social effort, and experiment, from its inception to end goal. From fair distribution to community governance, $FLYY aims to be the premier community token on Ethereum, with intertwined utility across NFTs, DeFi, gaming and more.

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Phase 1

  • Private-sale Launchpad
  • Exclusive Whitelist / Launch of FlyGuz NFT Mechanics (Details TBA)
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing

Phase 2

  • Public Mint (Exact Day TBA) / Launch of $50,000 Community Grant Fund / 50% Royalties added to DAO treasury
  • $Flyy token integration for minting

Phase 3

  • Profile Picture Downloader / FlyGuyz Art Contest / Hiring of community members for creative team/staff / Community voting for FlyGuyz Play2Earn Characters

Phase 4

  • Start of Staking / Wage $Flyy or ETH potential integration of other DAO utility coins / Mad Scientist Laboratory / Production of Play2Earn Game Trailer

Phase 5

  • FlyGuyz Merchandise / Accepting $Flyy, ETH / Merch Raffles
  • NFT clothing for avatars
  • Secondary Security Audit

Phase 6

  • Artist Collab (New FlyGuyz Items)
  • Collaboration with Celebrities
  • FlyGuyz Mutation

Phase 7

  • Premiere of Play2Earn Game / Metaverse avatar adaptation for Decentraland, Sandbox, Gala Games
  • New promotional video

Phase 8

  • Production of FlyGuyz Action Figure
  • NFT gaming tournaments
  • Team Expansion
  • Mad Science Laboratory 1.0

Launch Details

Token Name: FlyGuyz

Ticker: $FLYY

Total Supply: 888 000 000

Round 1 (private sale)

  • 0.020$ per token
  • 75 Million Tokens
Coming Soon

Round 2 (private sale)

  • 0.030$ per token
  • 50 Million Tokens
Coming Soon

Round 3 (Public Round)

  • 0.050$ per token
Coming soon


Token Sale Event

Be the first to gain the most

Round Price Purchase Limit Vesting
Private Sale $0.02 $100 - $50,000 5% TGE, 1 month cliff, then monthly vesting for 12 months
Private Sale Launchpad $0.03 $250 - $50,000 5% TGE, 1 month cliff, then monthly vesting for 12 months
Public Sale Launchpad $0.05 $100 - $25,000 15% TGE, then monthly vesting for 6 months
Gate.io $0.10 Standard Unlocked
Team 6 month lock then monthly vesting for 6 months
Advisory 6 month lock then monthly vesting for 6 months
Liquidity 10% TGE, 12 month lockup
DAO (With vesting) - After establishment of DAO governance, 2.5% released monthly

How to Buy $FLYY Token



Load your MetaMask with ETH (ETHEREUM) & Connect it to FlyGuyz Website


Enter ETH

Enter total amount of ETH you wish to use in the slide bar. It will show the amount of $FLYY token you are receiving



Pay the ETH (ETHEREUM) from your MetaMask. Once your transaction is validated, you will receive $FLYY token


Import $FLYY in MetaMask

Click on Import Tokens in MetaMask and type in the contract address.



Import Vested $VFLYY in MetaMask

Click on Import Tokens in MetaMask and type in the vesting contract address.

Your vested tokens will show up as $VFLYY in MetaMask. Take note of vesting schedules.


Claim $FLYY Token

Head to the claim page at the top of our website. You will need to claim your tokens after the initial cliff or when you would like to claim your tokens as per vesting schedule.

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